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We won’t charge a penny for our first meeting

Not all designers work from expensive offices with high overheads and matching fee structures. We understand that for some start-ups and small businesses the idea of using a designer can sound expensive so we have included the following sample project to give you an idea of our costs for a common start-up requirement.

Our client wanted  to design and develop a small wall-mounted wireless sensor which connected to the internet. The case would be two parts injection moulded in plastic and contain a single printed curcuit board (PCB) with connections for power and telecoms.  A row of LEDs gives feed back to the user.

The concept design, 3-5 sketches followed by a refined design of the selected concept as a CAD image: £950

Component and assembly CAD design and files for tooling: £1400

If you have a project you are looking to develop please get in touch for an informal discussion or a detailed quotation.  




Hand blown glass loudspeaker